Zensu® Electrotherapy Massage Patch

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Restore your body's healing ability and say goodbye to muscle pain forever

Does your neck constantly hurt? Or maybe your lower back aches and you just need some relief?

Relieving the muscular tensions around your body doesn't have to be expensive... Now you won't require costly procedures or a lot of rest, but one innovative, nerve stimulating device! Electrotherapy uses state of the art technology to stimulate your body into releasing more endorphins. Endorphins are the body’s natural painkillers.

Zensu™ brings a revolutionary way to relieve pain, using electrical pulsing, it provides a deep tissue massage that relieves tensions wherever they may be. Put it on the painful area and see how easy it is to feel relieved!

Zensu is small but powerful. A portable savior from sudden muscle tension. The pain can’t hide from Zensu’s pulses, let’s put an end to your muscle pains once at for all!  


Why Zensu® is for you

Feel Restored- Electrotherapy essentially allows your body to heal itself. The average human body produces 100 watts of energy at rest (Stanford, 2014). This device converts this already existing energy into a pain relieving experience. 

Revitalize your body- Zensu provides a deep tissue massage through electrical pulsing to eliminate pain from all areas of your body once and for all!

Comfort is a click away- Pick from one of the 10 massage levels to relieve any kind of tension for you to feel free from any kind of discomfort.

The pain can’t hide- Let Zensu take care of the soring pain wherever it may be! Put it where the pain lies and see how quickly it reliefs your muscles.

Savior from the pain- Who knew such a powerful massager could fit into your pocket. Be ready to eliminate the pain as soon as it appears!

Zensu is the ultimate choice- Through innovative engineering, you now can now eliminate all the tension around your body to wind the clock back! 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee and No Hassle Returns

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