Calm Cavern® Weighted Blanket

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Enjoy a deeper, more comfortable sleep! 

Calm Cavern® Weighted blanket is designed with deep touch pressure stimulation to simulate the feeling of being held/hugged, increasing serotonin and melatonin and decreasing cortisol.

This revolutionary and science-backed method is called “deep touch pressure stimulation.” This will ensure a deeper & higher quality sleep each night.

Enjoy your favorite movies or books, all while achieving faster and deeper relaxation as our Calm® Blanket revives key pressure points.. sleep will never be the same.



Enjoy A Better Sleep, Wake Up More Refreshed & Energized:

Relaxing your nervous system and feeling relaxed is the key to a great nights sleep. Calm® Blankets are therapeutic, weighted blankets that utilize the power of weight to relax your nervous system, helping to improve your sleep and reduce your stress and anxiety.

Using the power of ‘deep touch pressure stimulation’ to simulate the feeling of being held (like a hug!). This increases serotonin and melatonin, the hormones responsible for relaxation, and decreases cortisol, the hormone responsible for stress.

Calm® Blanket will enhance your sleep in ways you never thought possible.

Built With High Quality Materials

Calm® Weighted Blanket is made with premium-grade glass beads and soft, durable duvet covers, it’s no wonder why it’s the world’s most popular weighted blanket.

It's not only great for sleep, but can be used throughout the day to help enhance your mood progressively.

The weight and high quality fabric will make you feel like you are at a spa anytime you desire.


Machine Washable & Dryer Safe:

The Calm® Blanket material is machine washable and dryer safe so you can effortlessly enjoy it over and over again...


Thousands Use Calm® Blanket Every Night


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